Cameroon:The SDF Is Ready For Elections In Any Eventuality – Hon. Joseph Mbah Ndam.

The Highest Decision Making Body of the Social Democratic Front party, the NEC, has announced the party’s intentions to take part in the upcoming Presidential elections to take place this 2018, in Cameroon.
The information was communicated to a college of Journalists on Saturday January 13, 2018, during the first National Executive Committee meeting for 2018, chaired by the National chairman of the SDF, Ni John Fru Ndi, at his Ntarinkon residence in Bamenda, Mezam division of the North West Region.
On behalf of the NEC, the member of parliament who doubles as the legal mind of the party, disclosed that going by the constitution of the main opposition party, or by the time the next election took place, it’s about 5years to go. But to say that elections are announced by decree, is really unfounded as it’s not by a mere speech made by the president of the Republic on December 31, 2017, that will take people to the polls.
Hon. Joseph Mbah Ndam, noted that President Paul Biya, simply made mentioned of the fact that this year is an election year, but as to whether the elections will be convened is a different story.
The Vice President of the National Assembly, went ahead to disclosed to The Voice that the SDF is ready for the elections in case it will be called up by the President of the Republic.
“The problem for us now is that we have a convention to put our party in order and wait for any eventuality”, Hon. Mbah Ndam told The Voice.
While announcing a party convention programmed for February 22, to 24, 2018, to restructure some key organs of the party before the 2018 municipal, Parliamentary, Senatorial and Presidential elections, the legal experts of SDF reiterated that the meeting was very crucial because the essence was to laid the ground work for the convention.
Whizzed on whether the first meeting of the National Executive Committee made mentioned of the current socio political climate rocking the two English speaking regions of the Country, Hon. Mbah Ndam said the NEC, addresses the anglophone crisis every day and every time.
” It’s not an issue on the agenda now, the Anglophone issue is in existence and we are very preoccupied with it. It’s on daily basis that the party talks about it”, he added.
Reacting on the recent arrest of the Ambazonian Interim President Siseko Julius Ayuk Tabe, Tassang Wilfred, alongside 7 others, the SDF member of the lower House of parliament, said the act perpetrated in Nigeria is an abduction case not an arrest.
According to the MP for Batibo special constituency, in the minds of the SDF, they don’t know where they are and who has arrested them. “Why do I say so, because if they were arrested by the government of Nigeria, we will normally have an action by the Attorney General on repatriation or non repatriation. An such a case, Hon. Mbah Ndam reiterates, will become a problem in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Intimating that the party has kept her ears opened and till now, they have not yet gotten what transpired”, the Honourable stressed.


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