Cameroon Anglophone crisis: Desperate Biya calls for help from traditional leaders

According information relayed Yesterday November 25, 2017, from the General Assembly to elect members of the Northwest fons association which took place in Dunga mantung Division of the North West region ,the president of the Republic of Cameroun Paul Biya has pleaded for urgent help from the traditional leaders to solve the wosrening Anglophone crisis that has been going on for over a year in the South West and Northwest Regions.


Yesterday the executive board of the Northwest Fons Association (NOWFU) made public during the General Assembly of this association, a correspondence in which the Head of State was soliciting the contribution of the guardians of the tradition to calm the discontented populations.

To this end, “the president of the NOWFU invited his peers to qiuckly gathered the grievances of their people for onward forwarding to the head of state,” reported the CRTV Radio yesterday at 20h local time Nov 25th 2017.

This new tricks by Paul Biya is bound to fail because, NOWFU itself is going through a crisis of leadership.While Fon Teche Njei, the incumbent president, was organizing the Elective General Assembly in Nkambe, a dissident faction of NOWFU was holding another meeting in Bamenda, capital of the North West Region.


Recall that even Politician and former minister Garga Haman Adji, had said “Biya now relies on the traditional leaders to see the return of serenity in the Anglophone part of Cameroon following the three failed missions by prime minister Philemon Yang, head of government and his constituted personalities no less than three failed missions in the regions in crisis to dialogue with elites to find ways and means a way out of the crisis.

Some of the demands of the population understands include; release all arrested, demilitarised the two regions and amnesty for all who have fled the current crisis and a frank dialogue on the root causes of the Anglophone crisis in Cameroon .
By Anja Terence

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