Cameroon: Archbishop MBARGA of Yaounde Singled Out As Bishop Bala’s Killer

Prof. Vincent Sosthene Fouda,President of the Cameroonian Movement for Social Democracy has disclosed that he has impeccable evidence that connects the archbishop of Yaounde Mgr Mbarga to be the hidden hand behind the untimely dead of the Bishop of Bafia dioces.
In a video taking rounds on social media recently, the childhood friend of Bishop Bala -Vincent Fouda reiterated without missing words that Archbishop Jean Marie Bala was openly betrayed by the archbishop of Yaounde, whose archdiocese is the only one in recent days spotted being against the entire saga surrounding the death of Bishop Bala.

An excerpt of the video throws more light to the controversial accusations levied against the Bishop of Yaounde.
“On the evening of May 30, a relative of Bishop Bala tried to jointhe prelate around 11 pm when the latter was in the hands of those who had taken him hostage.Bishop Bala just replied ‘I’ll call you back later’. The next morning at 6 am, that is to say on 31 May, as the parent still had no news of the bishop, he contacted the Archbishop of Yaounde Mgr Mbarga to inform him that he had been struggling to join Bishop Bala since the day before. The archbishop of Yaoundé replied to the parent ‘I call you back right away’. Ten minutes later, Bishop Mbarga recalled the parent in question and told him ‘he is fine, he will call you back’,“he said in his video.

Vincent Sosthene Fouda added in the video that this last conversation and several other unsolved aspects of the circumstances of Bishop Bala’s death would involve the archbishop of Yaounde Mgr Mbarga.

Before now, some local media reported that the religious authorities had adopted a working platform to be followed regarding their colleagues dead with the judicial authorities in Cameroon.

Le Messager newspaper reported recently in one of his publications that the clergymen were now operating in two camps as per the this particular case. It further writes that in Camp A, was categorically against the the story of suicide and it was handed by Bishop Kleda. While the second was for the fact that the prelate was murdered and it was led by Mgr Mbarga who showed no signs of taking side with the state.
Source: Santa metro radio

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