Cameroon businessman Alhadji Baba Danpullo scammed! 


A young lady is reported to have swindles several million FCFA belonging to  businessman Baba Ahmadou Danpullo.

The incident which was made known to by Boris berlot last week, indicates that a  39-year-old lady, a well-known businesswoman in Ngaoundéré is the author of this scam amounting to 400 million FCFA .

According to the story,the lady had proposed to Ahadji Baba Danpullo to buy two buildings belonging to his so-called father.To persuade Baba Danpullo she made him believed the latter is her “father” was very ill reason why he wants to sell his properties, both of which are located in Yaounde .

On the 24th of May and 18 June of this year, forbe magazine’s richest man in francophone Africa, Baba Danpullo  signed four checks of 50 million CFA francs each.The checks were put in an envelope containing 105 million FCFA (about 160,000 euros) cash and given to the young lady from Ngaoundéré .


To make the scam easier for her, she had recruited an accomplice who made Danpullo believe on the phone that he is indeed the father of the girl who owns the buildings and that he had formerly concerted all agreements to the transaction.

The young lady’s deal went so well  until the when Baba Danpullo wanted to get the land titles of these two buildings.

The lady sent him a certificate attesting her father ‘s ownership of the properties. After many checks, it turns out that the document in question is fake. The Buildings are actually belongs to someone else.

Ahmadou Danpullo, alias ndawara who has a fortune estimated at $940million, has now contacted secretarial de la defence (SED) in Yaounde, to help recover his money.

By Moh Mbwam.

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