Cameroon Governor pleaded tribesmen leave B’da before Genocide on Anglophones began

It has been revealed to that the governor of the North west  region Lele l’Afrique Adolphe gave an ultimatum to his tribes men including some close francophone elites throughout his administrative sphere of influence to  leave the region immediately before colonial Yaounde falls on the two English speaking regions.

The francophone governor who hails from Mbouda gave them until Friday 29th of September, 2017 to leave .

The colonial administrator even contributed in hiring buses for some families who were reluctant to yield to his plea of the untold carnage which was to befall the  Southern Cameroons.

An unhappy informant himself from Mbouda whose family obeyed the governor  and left for Kongsamba says the ultimatum was also circuated in their tribal meetings  and that the Biya regime had planned and sanctioned this massacre more than six months ago .

lele lafrique adolphe,Governor of North west region

The rates of killings recorded since the  1st has forced me to speak out.I spent 15 years in meta quatres in Bamenda which considered home , hearing that my  neighbour’s children  have been killed and the corpse of another disappeard ,my conscience will not sleep if I don’t reveal what I know”, he told

Recall that the  Governor of the North-West Region of Cameroon had imposed a 24-hour ban on movement of persons in the region ending the same Friday the 29th at midnight.

The order imposing the curfew did not state the reason. But press reported it followed a bomb attack in Bamenda in which three police officers were injured.

“Movement of persons from one Division to the other in the North-West Region is hereby strictly prohibited for a period of 24 hours,” the Order issued by the governor Adolphe Lele Lafrique stated.

“Any person or persons who violate or attempt to violate this Order shall face the consequences as provided by the Law,” it added.

The governor had said earlier on state TV that the bomb blast down town Bamenda  was a “terrorist attack”.

Southern Cameroon which constitutes the current two English speaking regions of Cameroon have not only been accusing the government of  Yaounde of marginalization and unfair distribution of wealth to the region ,but also have been demanding frank and honest dialogue to discuss the root cause of the  Anglophone problem which is been on for 56 years and counting.

Late last year, series of protests were held in the two Anglophone regions.

Anglophone teachers, lawyers and students were beaten and intimidated by the colonial forces during peaceful protests against the imposition of the French language  on their schools and courts.

Anglophone journalists who covered the story saw them  either jailed or news outlets  banned . Rights groups have raised concerns about increasing repression under the 35-year-old rule of President Biya.

In August, Edoudi  signed a decree releasing Anglophone leaders including former advocate general of the supreme count of Cameroon Justice Ayah Paul Abine detained for close to a year without a crime.

Several others are still behind bars facing terrorism charges and massive arest and killness are still goning under the watchful eyes of the entire world.

By Moh Mbwam

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