Cameroon High Commissioner to the United Kingdom sacked

Nkwelle Ekaney Cameroon High Commissioner to  Great Britain and Ireland who was urgently recalled to Yaoundé  has been sacked.


In a letter dated last 19 October 2017, president  Paul Biya instructed the Minister of External Relations Lejeune MBELLA MBELLA, to “urgently” indefinetely recall   Mr.Nkwelle Ekaney to Yaounde .


According to Cameroon Web  ,the Minister of Foreign Affairs, MBELLA MBELLA held a meeting last week with  English diplomats to inform them of the decision of the head of state.

Although no official information on his sacking  has been made public , some indiscretions indicate that the reasons for the sacking is linked to the Cameroomian diplomat’s involvement in several illicit trafficking in Britain.

Others talk of an attempt to manage the anglophone crisis currently  shaking Cameroon. The English authorities have seen consistent protest since last November at the Cameroon embassy UK  opposing Yaoundé by English -speaking  Cameroonians .

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