Cameroon :Hon. Wirba receives a heroic Welcome in Home Town Jakari


SDF member of parliament for  the Jakiri  special Constituency Bui South of the North West Region Hon. Wirba Joseph has arrived his home town of Jakiri after being protected by his Parliamentary immunity thanks to the social Media whistle blowing.

Wirba went on self exile three months ago after fleeing an arrest by the regime in power following pronouncements he made in the house of parliament last November about the plight of the people he represents .The son of Nso returned to Parliament in June against all odds and had a bust up with house speaker Cavaye Yague Gibril as the nonsense MP demanded to know when in the standing order of the house will the anglophone problem be discussed in the lower chamber of the National assembly.He noted that schools have been closed in the two English speaking parts of Cameroon since November, many anglophones  have been arrested and are being trailed in jurisdiction they were not arrested in.Lastly ,the SDF MP reminded the house speaker that he had been chased through the bushes for three months and during that time he wrote two letters to Cavaye yague in which he said the is as an order of arrest on his heard,yet the house speaker did not reply,”and u expect me to come here and sit quit“.Hon Wirba questioned.

Since his return from exile last month,Joseph Wirba has had several interviews in which he stressed that he return to carry on where he stopped last November even if it means an early grave ,he would carry on.

He arrived Jakiri today hours after an emergency  Bureau meeting of the National Assembly summoned by Hon. Cavaye Yeguie Djibril ,House Speaker today Saturday July 8, 2017,ended.An unimpeachable source had revealed that the main agenda for the summons was to begin procedure for stripping Hon. Wrirba off his immunity, so that he could be arrested for defending Southern Cameroonians in the National Assembly.

As usual, Social Media went ranting on the issue and once again the rantings seem to have caught the attention of the higher ups, as the Hon. Speaker of the House Cavaye Yeguie Djibril in his welcome speech, condemned the loud noise of the Social Media.

Early Last week,a letter to foreign embassies in Yaounde from the SDF member of parliament ,Joseph Wirba himself said he feared for his life.In the same letter he also informed that his phone had been harked.

Below are some of the photos of the reception the population of Jakiri showered on their son ,honorable Joseph Wirba.







by Edmond Tambe

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