Cameroon: Réné Sadi’s son missed Assassination in his room in Kribi

Gilles Christian Sadi son of René Emmanuel Sadi the Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization (MINATD)bearly five days after his  installation as the new Sub-Prefect of the Kribi II district was visited by heavily armed  men  in his hotel room – where was  residing temporarily.

This information has been reported by the daily Mutations of 23 October.The newspaper reports that, the incident occurred in the night from Wednesday to Thursday, October 19 around 2am.

Gilles Christian Sadi, returning from a night out, suddenly faces a bad-looking individual in his hotel room. The latter points a gun and orders him to lie flat on the floor with his stomach,Mutations reported.

According to the  report, the thief wanted money and jewels from the Minister’s son.

Fortunately for the new boss of Kribi 2, the thief did not succeed  in his mission as the 30-year-old administrator who has some  training in karate gave some serious  plunges to his attacker and over powerwd him.


We are told the attacker surrendered and fled the sense , leaving behind his loaded  weapon in the room. Police have opened an investigation.


During the installation of Gilles Christian Sadi on October 14, Antoine Bissaga, the Prefect of the Ocean gave him as main priority the maintening of public order in Kribi 2.

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