Cameroon: Reports Now confirms Ayuk T. Julius’ house in Ewelle 2 was not burnt

News of the destruction of Sissiku Ayuk Tabe Julius’ residence has spread on social media like wild salvo. However, in her ever increasing quest for facts, truths and objective and investigative reporting, National Telegraph dispatched reporters on the ground for an authentic overview of the house of the Ambazonia President. But first, we discovered that Sissiku Ayuk Tabe Julius has the overwhelming support of his people who now call him “Our Powerful President” Some still maintain that they’ll fight for the freedom of Ambazonia till death.

National Telegraph’s secret stringers also learned there are two Ewelles in Eyumojock Sub-Division, Manyu Division; Ewelle I and Ewelle II. According to our men on the ground, soldiers stormed Ewelle I where after drinking to empty, they destroyed two bars one belonging to a certain Arrey Nsonya and the other at the Junction belonging to one Ma-Agbor. National Telegraph again gathered that the soldiers came shooting indiscriminately in the air, causing a stampede in the village.

Reports say the soldiers were reacting to an earlier attack on the Brigade Commander for Kembong who was reportedly attacked with stones as he patrolled Ewelle I on Sunday October 1, 2017.

In Sissiku Ayuk Tabe Julius’ village itself; Ewelle II, residents ran into the bushes after hearing gunshots from Ewelle I, National Telegraph has been told. Sissiku Ayuk Tabe Julius’ house as National Telegraph writes remains in perfect good and same condition as it was before October 1. It’s actually not destroyed contrary to reports on social media.

Meanwhile, in other parts of Southern Cameroons, like high overhead great cranes hoist girdes, “Ambazonians only struggled with peace plants to raise by means of ropes and pulleys, a flag adorned with a Dove. This only carried one message; PEACE!!!

However, they would later face a hard drug seemed only out to test it’s efficacy on English-speaking black humans. Ambazonians were treated like parasitic prototozoans and helminths of infectious agents responsible for considerable morbidity and mortality in all all species of organisms.

In fact, the military crackdown and gore thereafter were substantially functional with results including lost of natural voices. As a matter of fact, from Mamfe to Kumbo, Buea, Kumba and even in the hinterlands of “Ambazonia” the gore is alarming but government officials have made the count a dance with shadows in water.

In another development, the 21 Foreign Observers who were in Cameroon as earlier reported by National Telegraph have fed international media organs and other international organizations with detailed information on the gory situation of October 1. It’s even alleged it could be for that reason the UN is setting a trap by asking Mr. Biya to investigate the killings himself. As National Telegraph writes, the situation has been classified by many international organizations as a Genocide.

National Telegraph’s Publisher and Editor-in-chief, Eric Tataw also seizes the opportunity to call on Anglophone Journalists and social media users to do thorough investigation of facts before publishing, adding that the crisis now has an international nomenclature.
By Eric Tataw for National Telegraph, USA

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