Cameroon writer Patrice Nganang hospitalized in the USA

Cameroon born writer Patrice Nganang who was arrested for criticising president Paul Biya has been
hospitalized in Princeton in the United States of America bearly days after his release and forceful exclusion from the the Central African country.

Patrice Nganang in hospital bed Princeton ,USA/credit Cameroonweb

According to his story ,it is the result of his time spent in the maximum security prison of kondengui Yaounde.

After his exclusion from the country to the United States, Patrice Nganang celebrated the New Year in hospital . The university professor was rushed to the emergency room for various concerns, we are told. Below is an excerpt of his account of what happened and what he is suffering from;

“Dehydration, bronchitis, malaria, vertigo, chest pain. All of these started in Kondengui prison , exacerbated by the landing in  mid-winter in Washington DC, because I have not left the house since I arrived and have been warm. In the emergency room of the Princeton hospital, I was given three infusions, a lot of pills, and did blood , urine, tuberculosis tests, because I was coughing very deeply, I even spat blood once and have a terrible flash, etc., all the test came negative. I am still being observed for tuberculosis. So I spent the night on a bed in the visitors’ room in the attic. In my mid-forties, whatever. I’m still in bed, but it feel’s better now. Am following the instructions of my two guardian angels, one of whom is a doctor .


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