Cameroon:Archbishop Kleda shocked Biya awarded a medal to late Mgr. Bala

Late Bishop Jean Marie Benoit Bala .

The Archbishop of Douala, current president of the National Episcopal Conference of Cameroon,during an interview with Canal 2 international television channel expressed his shocked to the fact that the government of the Republic of Cameroon awarded a medal to the late Mgr. Jean-Marie Benoît Bala.

The remains of Bishop JM Bala, former bishop of Bafia, was at the cathedral of San Sebastian (martyr) on August 03,2017.

A few days after his burial, Bishop Samuel Kleda has made several comments on various aspects of the funeral.
Archbishop Kleda

“At the beginning we,said Bishop Bala was assassinated , We maintain our position. The national episcopal conference has constituted a civil party as recommended by Cameroonian law,” reports French daily lecourrierducameroun.

Concerning the award of the medal of knight order and posthumous value to Bishop Bala, the head of the metropolitan arhdiocese of Douala did not fail to express his astonishment. “Suicide constitutes an act of resignation in life”,said the Archbishop of Douala.
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