Cameroon:Hon. Michel Nintcheu ferried to an unknown destination

Jean Michel Nintcheu
the organiser of the Douala solidarity March to support English speaking Cameroonians is under house arrest.

According to the communication unit of the Sdf, police, gendarmes, men in civilian clothes surrounded Jean Michel Nintcheu, regional delegate of Sdf for the littoral region to prevent him going to demonstrate.

His persistence resistance against the decision signed by the public prosecutor caused the military to take him first to an unknown destination.But, is reporting that the Sdf member of parliament been brough home and is now under house arrest in his home in the Ndogpassi district of Douala.more photos of deserted streets of Douala this morning.heavily militarized Douala particularly around Omnisport. At ange Raphael you cannot cross to Omnisportand some parts ghosted.

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