Honourable Joseph Banadzem Lukong,”I think we’ll come back,”

The Honourable Joseph Banadzem Lukong Chairman of the SDF party parliamentary group has told the press that the SDF members will return to the November ordinary session next week.
Although he did so in a poorly assured voice, Honourable Joseph Banadzem Lukong responded positively to the question of journalists as to whether members of the Social Democratic Front (SDF) will take part in the ordinary session of November 2017. “Yes …” Yes. Next week we’ll see … “I think we’ll come back,” he said. It is known that the SDF at the opening of the said session at the National Assembly (NA) played the politics map of the empty chair. On the pretext that their claim or rather say their position on the Anglophone crisis was not taken into account. An attitude that does not include the government Daily Cameroon Tribune in its edition of November 17, 2017.

Remember, however, that one day after the opening of the session chaired by Cavaye Yéguié Djibril President of NA, the SDF members asked to be received by the latter. Mutations in its edition of November 17, 2017 noted that even if the appointment originally scheduled at 9 o’clock this day did not take place at the appointed time, it still held. In the early afternoon of last Wednesday, Cavaye Yéguié received the latter. “It went well.” The President of the National Assembly received our memorandum. Not only have we discussed the subject but also exchanged on a lot of other things, said the Honourable Joseph Banadzem Lukong.

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