CAN 2019 : Olembé stadium project manager resigns

The is a major blow as CAF still doubts Cameroon will organise CAN 2019.



Biya’s  Olembe stadium under construction

Marc Debandt, engineer and construction project manager of the Olembé stadium, one of the main infrastructures to host the 2019 African Cup of Nations (CAN), has resigned.

This information has been confirmed by the management of the company in charge of the construction works,  Italian group Piccini. The company however,  refutes  information circulating that the engineer would have been pressured by Cameroonian officials to receive retro-commissions.

“The resignation of Mr. Marc Debandt is confirmed (…) The allegations of pressures and demands of retro-commissions that have been circulating on social networks are unfounded,” said the Piccini Group, in a statement signed by Gabriel Ngaha, in charge mission in Cameroon of the company.

“The allegations are all the lies because Mr. Marc Debandt, engineer in charge of the Olembé infrastructure construction project, is not responsible for financial management or purchases, nor company contracts. His work is essentially technical and consists of managing the technical staff and materials made available to him by Gruppo Piccini’s general management, “the statement added.

According to the statement, as part of the prescriptions of the State of Cameroon and the Confederation of African Football (CAF) to accelerate the work of the infrastructure, it has had to readjust its organization chart to multiply teams, with the aim of simultaneously producing several works.

“This new service orientation did not seem to please Mr. Marc Debandt, whose professional engineering skills were never in doubt. He therefore preferred to resign and the management of Gruppo Piccini could only take note, “it reads.

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