Cargolux temporarily stops activities in Cameroon due to a scanner breakdown in Douala airport

Cargolux, the giant freight company has decided to temporarily stop its freight to Cameroon due to a scanner breakdown which is yet to be resolved in Douala international airport, good sources reveal.

Some sources also explain that because of the breakdown, the company has sustained important losses by offloading goods and going back empty, the scanner being necessary to scan the goods to be embarked as the aviation safety standards require.

Last year though, during the official launch of its activities in Cameroon, Cargolux was rejoicing. Douala “has the biggest port in Central Africa. It is the country’s economic and commercial capital which handles most of its exports, oil, cocoa, coffee, fruits, metal and woods notably. European countries are its main import-export partners, followed by Asia”, it said.

Let’s note that the freight activity which has increased significantly in 2016 (76% according to the aviation authority) will thus slow down due to the temporal stop.
Source:Business in Cameroon

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