Did Britain Sell Southern Cameroons to France?

What went wrong with the independence of the British Southern Cameroons? Did Britain Sell Southern Cameroons to France?

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The recent protests witnessed in the Nort West and South West Regions of Cameroon seem to have provoked a lot of secrets to be revealed. One of such revelations states that Britain has been very lukewarm about the situation of its former territory because it actually sold it to France.

It should be noted that the two English-speaking regions above were formerly known as the British Southen Cameroons prior to the plebiscite of 1961, which brought about a bleak future for the people up until today. That year saw the independence of the British Southern Cameroons by joining La Republique du Cameroun. And since that period, the marriage between the two peoples have been on shaky ground.

In an article titled ‘IONS-Secrets untold’ (can’t say what IONS mean), Gwe Jerry states that the silence of the British government vis-a-vis the protests in West Cameroon is intentional. “Britain has shown lack of interest on her former trust territory,” he wrote.

The write-up notes that according to Article 76 (b) of The United Nations Charter, the basic objectives of the trusteeship system, was to promote the political, economic, social, and educational advancement of the inhabitants of the trust territories, and their progressive development towards self-government or independence.

With regards to the above article, British did not accomplish its task as assigned by the UN considering the present situation of the Southern Cameroons. This is so because the British Southern Cameroons did not gain independence as a stand-alone country but she was choked with two masked options – to gain independence either by joining Nigeria or La Republique du Cameroun. This should be noted as the first fraud by the British government and a serious crime against the UN and the people of Southern Cameroons.

Why did the British government have to behave so funny? Was there something to be benefitted from that betrayal? Get the details of the scheme against the people of British Southern Cameroons as painted by Gwe Jerry below.

In 1954, Southern British Cameroons became a self-governing territory following her declaration of benevolent neutrality in the Nigerian Eastern House of Assembly. It had a legislature, Judiciary, House of Chiefs, and a prime minister ( Dr. EML Endeley ) who was also the Head of Government. In 1959, multiparty elections were held and the opposition candidate, Dr. John Ngu Foncha became the Prime Minister following a peaceful transfer of power, something that has not happened in French Cameroun and many other African Countries to this date.

Why is British Southern Cameroons not a country on its own up till date?

1. British Southern Cameroons was sold to France for a meager sum of 20,000,000 pounds, which the British had invested in the Commonwealth development corporation (CDC) according to British declassified documents.2.

2. The Plebiscite was forced on British Southern Cameroonians to support the illegal transaction between France and Britain. French Cameroun became independent as the Republic of Cameroun on 1 January 1960. A plebiscite was forced on the people of British Cameroons in February 1961 to choose whether they wanted to achieve independence by joining the already independent Republic of Cameroon or joining the Federal Republic of Nigeria (Nigeria had independence on 1 October 1960). This was in violation of UN General Assembly Resolution 1514 of 14 December 1960 which affirmed that independence was the inherent and inalienable right of all colonies and trust territories as a guarantee for the enjoyment of their complete freedom.

France and Britain knew British Southern Cameroons won’t accept to join Nigeria because she separated from her already having her own government.

So the United Nations ignored the demand of the people for outright independence and imposed “joining” by giving them a plebiscite with a dead-end of alternatives.

3. Majority of British Southern Cameroonians voted to achieve independence by joining The Republic of Cameroun in a loose confederation.

4. The British – French transaction has always remained a top classified secret and it’s known only by the head of state. So that’s why there have been a movement from a federal state to a unitary state and back to The Republic of Cameroun to complete the illegal transaction between Britain and France making France to gain full control over the territory he bought. Remember The Republic of Cameroun does not have a complete independence since its economy is being controlled by France. This makes La Republique’s independence null and void, technically.

It’s obvious that the United kingdom being handed a territory to supervise by the United Nations did not achieve the objectives of the UN as stated in Article 76 (b) of The United Nations Charter which states that the basic objectives of the trusteeship system, was to promote the political, economic, social, and educational advancement of the inhabitants of the trust territories, and their progressive development towards self-government or independence and she ended up illegally selling this trust territory handed over to her.

Did Britain Sell Southern Cameroons?

It’s time some truth come out!

*Editors note-This article was first reported by Afrohustler.com on December 21, 2016.

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