Dying Cameroon Anglophone detainees hand their last will to MPs & Senators


Dear MPs/Senators,
we may never write to you anymore because we are the sacrificial lamb for this course.We tell people we are fine in prison but it’s just to give them Courage,we are indeed dying slowly.We eat rice once a day for 10 months today. Most of us now have Eczema,rashes,lice n fungi eating our toes and nails and even our testicles are peeling off.some cannot sit due to pile, others still have bruises and fractures caused by police brutality while others are gradually losing their sight.We have not had any support since some of US were released last month.We have offered ourselves for this freedom.

As we die, do just one thing for us.Hand in your written withdrawal and take your place in Buea. Everyone who resigns automatically qualifies as a VIP member of our Buea Assembly.Do this last thing and safe next generations from this suffering.A boy whose father was in this prison and died here is also here and maybe his children may be here if you dont save this nation now.
Some of US were released but we were kept back to pay the price.we are ready to die in prison if it will free our people.We are so badly treated and insulted in prison but we dont give up.A prison nurse told us that even our sick brother dies”

What does this  mean?
Another said the gov’t should get a bomb and wipe out Anglophones.

Please MP/Senator,have you not heard governor Okalia Bilai call us Dogs( as cockroaches in Rwanda) or vision 4 tv calling for door to door massacre( as radio mill Collin in Rwanda) or did you not hear Issa Tchiroma Bakari announce a total killing of US? Do you still remember the pains of child birth and upbringing?

haven’t you seen pictures of fresh blood flowing from lifeless bodies shot by francophone zombie soldiers?must we all die before you act?
You may be asking questions.you may have doubts but this is very possible.This fight is ordained by God n so join the winning team now.you will not loose position or power or finances by resigning from the glass house. You will simply take yr place in Buea wheré u will be privileged to legislate on the world’s newest nation.we the detainees may not see it but our generations will be happy n we will smile in our graves.
God bless our MP/ Senator.God bless this fight.
Long live Africa’s newest nation.

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