ELECAM begins preparations for 2018 elections in Cameroon


The preparations for the 2018 elections in Cameroon has begun at Elections Cameroon (Elecam).

Enow Abrahms Egbe, President of Elecam and his entire electoral council were at the Society of Press and Editions of Cameroon (Sopecam) last Friday, December 15 to make sure that all is set for the manufacture of electoral material (ballot papers, campaign ballots, envelopes, minutes, etc.)



The chairman of Sopecam  Joseph LE   ,in the presence of Marie Claire Nnana, Sopecam’s Chief Executive Officer and top management of the company welcome the distinguished guests.

Following the explanations of the Director of Production of the company , Ignace Ozela,the more than twenty members of the Electoral Council went into the prepress shops, presses, sheet-fed presses, shaping and industrial binding in turns.

Elecam confirms the technical platform is what it needs for the pinting of election materials next year .

It is expected that the Sopecam manufacfacturing and packaging operations will allow Elecam to deliver election material in time.


The press was installed less than two years ago will be able to print 23,040,000 election leaflets per day in 16 hours and continue to produced the Cameroon Tribune reference newspaper in the remaining eight hours of the day. Other machines are also expected to print 23 million newsletters a day, making a total print capacity of 46 million newsletters a day.

After the visit ot was noted that the Sopecam printing press is ready for whatever the type of election material and is just waiting for orders from Elecam to begin printing.

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