French gov’t requests all it’s natioanals to immediately move out of S. Cameroons

The French government has requested all it’s natioanals living in the two English-speaking regions of Cameroon to leave with immediate effect or take specail care has been informed.


Under the heading “Advice to Travelers”on the website of the Embassy of France in Cameroon advices all French nationals residing in Cameroon travelling  to  the Northwest and South West regions  to be  vigilant .

“Due to the tensions in Anglophone regions of Cameroon, it is recommended that travelers coming to this area avoid gathering and not going out at night,” the embassy said.

“In the case of ghost towns, it is advisable to refrain from moving around in the towns – notably Bamenda, Buea, Limbe, Kumba,” warns the embassy to French nationals in Cameroon.

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