Fru Ndi Snubs detainees in Kondengui ,to visit Cameroon refugees in Nigeria

The chairman of Cameroon leading opposition party (the social democratic front-SDF) Mr N. J . Fru Ndi following a decision from the recent National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting of the party in Ntarikon -Bamenda is to visit the more than 15,000 Southern Cameroonian refugees in neighboring Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The refugees which are scattered throughout the West African State are fleeing  the violent repression of Biya regime.

According to a United Nations (UN) refugee agency and Nigerian government statement, about 8,000 of refugees are mostly children, women and the elderly, with very few young men have been registered in the southeastern state of Cross River alone and a further 6,700 have crossed into neighboring Benue state.

Other resolutions taken at the NEC meeting held last weekend according to information filtered to  was to appeal for the establishment of parliamentary commission of inquiry on the Southern Cameroons crisis which has been going on for over a year now and the release of anglophones arrested during the current crisis most of whom are still been detained in the francophone Cameroon.Party chairman Ni John fru Ndi has never visited the anglophone detainees in the colonial jails which now seem to be too far for the SDF Boss than Nigeria.

The NEC made no statement was made by the war declared on Federal Republic of  Ambazonia.

The future of the leadership of the party was also discussed by the SDF executive, gathered .
Since its creation in May 1990 Fru Ndi has been at the helm and has repeatedly refuse to yeld to calls from some militants to step down and time without number has been qouted as saying “I form the SDF” .Most SDF meetings over the 28 year period have been held at his residence Ntarikon Bamenda.


It is vital to note in this report that despite  calls  of  the leadership to  change hands, Ni John Fru Ndi has reportedly indicated his willingness to seek a new term as the leader of the social democratic front during the February 22nd convention.

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