Full minute-by minute-by updates of Arch bishop of Bamenda at the Court of First Instance


Live coverage from the court in bda
[6/5, 8:57 AM] Court is packed full
[6/5, 8:58 AM] Enter into court stopped
[6/5, 9:02 AM] ‪The arch bishop was asked to not come to court
[6/5, 9:02 AM] ‪Only auxiliary bishop
[6/5, 9:02 AM] Lawyer Sama states that accusers are absent without justification
[6/5, 9:03 AM] Calls accusers plagiarism
[6/5, 9:03 AM] Says so called consortium of parents stealing names
[6/5, 9:04 AM] ‪Lawyer Sama invokes conscience of judge
[6/5, 9:04 AM] ‪No accusers present
[6/5, 9:05 AM] ‪Lawyer Sama playing delay tactics
[6/5, 9:05 AM] ‪Judge trying to rush him
[6/5, 9:05 AM] ‪She just received a note and started rushing things
[6/5, 9:06 AM] Cameroon is a joke
[6/5, 9:07 AM] ‪Looks like arch bishop was asked by government or someone high not to come to church.
[6/5, 9:07 AM] Arch bishop was accused of working with bareta news to ask people to march
[6/5, 9:08 AM] Lawyer Sama denounced accusations
[6/5, 9:10 AM] ‪Adjournment rejected by defendants and asks to drop case
[6/5, 9:11 AM] ‪ Judge stops lawyer Sama from talking
[6/5, 9:12 AM] Lead counsel deals hornet sting on court
[6/5, 9:14 AM] A lawyer has just entered late claiming her is Defence lawyer
[6/5, 9:15 AM] ‪This new lawyer will not introduce himself and only says he is barrister
[6/5, 9:15 AM] Lawyer Sama says he is barrister tassa
[6/5, 9:16 AM] Judge is asking if any defendants councils are in
[6/5, 9:17 AM] Lawyer Sama washes hands off bar tatsa
[6/5, 9:18 AM] Looks like aux bishop did ask bar tatsa to come
[6/5, 9:20 AM] Bar tatsa says military presence is intimidating
[6/5, 9:24 AM]Ok someone shows up for accusers
[6/5, 9:24 AM] Says he wasn’t able to get bailiffs
[6/5, 9:26 AM] ‪Plaintiff lawyer claims they did everything to stop bishops coming to court
[6/5, 9:26 AM] That they didn’t want this kind of situation considering the caliber of people accused
[6/5, 9:27 AM] ‪Plaintiffs Rep says lawyer Achu says he has game changing things to bring to next hearing
[6/5, 9:28 AM] ‪Plaintiffs Rep says case sd not be thrown out
[6/5, 9:28 AM] But be adjourned
[6/5, 9:29 AM] Says adjournment will not kill anybody in the process
[6/5, 9:29 AM] Says adjournment ad be to a date proposed by lawyer Achu
[6/5, 9:29 AM] ‪Only
[6/5, 9:30 AM] Plaintiffs rep doesn’t know the name of the accused!!!!!!
[6/5, 9:31 AM] He is asking defendants rep lol 😂 I don die
[6/5, 9:32 AM] ‪Plaintiffs rep booed for saying this was a useful situation for priest to learn the way courts run
[6/5, 9:33 AM] State council acknowledges receipt of letter of adjournment from bar Achu
[6/5, 9:34 AM] Claims it’s the right of counsel to put a letter of adjournment
[6/5, 9:34 AM] People forcing to get into full court
[6/5, 9:35 AM] State counsel invokes an article in part but bar Sama insists it should be read in full
[6/5, 9:36 AM]State insists adjournment is at discretion of the court
[6/5, 9:37 AM] Defendants insist application for adjournment isn’t an adjournment
[6/5, 9:38 AM] Judge says the defendant lawyer is right
[6/5, 9:39 AM] ‘If bar Achu is sick the consortium is not sick’
[6/5, 9:40 AM] ‪Plaintiffs attempts to object but is overruled
[6/5, 9:40 AM] I love this show!!!!!
[6/5, 9:41 AM] State counseled quite rubbished by same article he quoted
[6/5, 9:41 AM] Do we have a state counsel who doesn’t know the law???
[6/5, 9:44 AM] Defendant counsel insinuates accused are having no respect for law
[6/5, 9:45 AM] Plaintiff lawyer keeps asking accused name and that they should be pointed
[6/5, 9:45 AM] ‪ Lawyer Sama points out that late coming by plaintiffs lawyer is reason for this confusion
[6/5, 9:46 AM] Lawyer Sama asks the judge to use her conscience
[6/5, 9:47 AM] ‪Plaintiffs rep insinuates bar Achu Julius is a devil
[6/5, 9:47 AM] Interesting
[6/5, 9:47 AM] These people don see wetin
[6/5, 9:50 AM] ‪Saying plaintiff request to amend direct summons is against law
[6/5, 9:51 AM] ‪Bar Sama says case should be thrown out and if plaintiffs want they should file a new case
[6/5, 9:54 AM] This is a big sting – and a shameful one to this kangaroo court
[6/5, 10:01 AM] Kangaroo court all quiet no one saying anything. Judge just writing and reading notes
[6/5, 10:01 AM] For a free southern cameroon
[6/5, 10:15 AM] ‪Judge adjourns case
[6/5, 10:16 AM] Proposed date 24th July
[6/5, 10:17 AM] ‪Defendants deny date and propose august 11 and the court denies date
[6/5, 10:20 AM] State counsel says they have met and considered only date proposed by bar Achu.
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