In a country like Cameroon that one man has stubbornly…, high profile political killings would happen with masterly accuracy- Fr.  Jumbam


Courage, the willingness to die in service of the truth, is indeed the
writer‟s strongpoint.

Rev. Fr. Gerald Jumbam, Rome

Of all the tools used to stay long in power by born-to-rule State political
Mafias in Africa, political assassination has been the most effective for
the elimination of their enemies.
And therefore just next door to us some years ago, Dele Giwa, a
distinguished Nigerian journalist was murdered in a bomb parcel blast
in his residence allegedly coming from President Ibrahim Badamasi
Babangida. His last words were „this must be from Mr. President‟, and
as he opened the parcel he was blown up with the gift. In a country like
Cameroon that one man has stubbornly remained in power for 35
years, high profile political killings would happen with masterly

Perhaps the assassination apparatus on those religious leaders who
stick their heads out would be most flourishing in such a nation state.
An example couldn‟t be more auspicious for Cameroon as the
assassination of Yves Plumey the emeritus archbishop of Garoua by
unknown people in Garoua and the threat of slaughtering Mgr
Wouking in Yaoundé.


The out-and-out butchery of Fr Anthony Fontegh
and Fr Engelbert Mveng would come as another atrocious augury of
what can be expected in a nation so accustomed to anarchy and chaos.
Little did we know that in 2017 an even most shocking killing would
visit the Cameroon Catholic clergy in the conspiratorial beastly
assassination of that humble and candor-loving Jean Benoit Balla,
bishop of Bafia.

All this points to a consistent conspiracy against genuine Men of God in
the Catholic Church in Cameroon. And the question to ask is who is
behind these assassinations? Is it the Cameroonian clergy that is at war
with itself or is it an attack by the State on Churchmen who refuse to
toe the Government line? Or is it a collusion between evil men in the
Church and evil men in the State? Nobody can ever provide adequate
answers to these questions for the simple fact that a person who tries to
pry into the secret workings of the Church and the State in Cameroon is
most likely to end where the other dead clergy ended: that is, under the
River Sanaga!

by Rev. Fr. Gerald Jumbam, Rome, THURSDAY,
29 JUNE 2017.

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