Is Adobe Flash Player Really Dead? The Current Situation

Last week, we had the chance to see Adobe offering us details about the death of the Flash Player software. In case you haven’t heard about it, it’s a cross platform plugin for browsers that is really powerful. The downside is that it’s filled with security holes, which is why it’s a constant target for malware developers.

In order to help everybody get rid of this issue, Adobe called for help from Mozilla, Apple, Facebook and Google. However, Adobe Flash will not die just yet. The estimate date when it will be officially put down is 2020, which is three years from now.

The Current Situation

Adobe published recently a blog post on this topic. According to them, more and more websites are quitting proprietary code, such as Flash. Instead, they prefer to use some open standards, for example WebGL, HTML5 and WebAssembly. The latter offer them lots of the possibilities that were possible initially only with plugins.

As they declared, in time they have seen the evolution of lots of helper apps into plugins. Moreover, they have seen many capacities of the plugins get incorporated into other open web standards. They also said that today, most of the browser vendors integrate the capabilities that were once found only in plugins into browsers.

A Quick Decline

Looking back, it’s impressive to see how Adobe Flash saw its decline. Only three years ago, a minimum of 80% of the Chrome users on a desktop accessed a Flash website every day, according to Google statistics. Meanwhile, today only 17% of the Chrome users still choose Flash. The latest Google information shows that the number is still in decline.

All in all, it’s been a hell of a ride with Flash Player and many people still love it. However, it seems that the time for it to go has come.

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