Late Thomas Sankara’s wife expected in Douala

Thomas Sankara

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Mariam Sankara, the wife of Thomas Sankara, former Burkina Faso’s Head of State is expected in Douala.

In this book which is on sale since last year, the author, recognized as a specialist in international relations, is inspired by the history of Burkina Faso to raise the issue of the emergence of the continent, including the Africa’s struggles to get out of underdevelopment more than 50 years after Independence.

For the majority of the African people, a leader who could help Africa emerge was Thomas Sankara, the icon of Pan-Africanism and President of Burkina Faso between August 1983 and October 1987.

However, the latter presented as the father of the Burkinabe revolution, had died in 1987 following a coup. 

It is therefore the focus of the work of Jean Emmanuel Pondi. The book is preface by Mariam Sankara, the wife of the late Pan-Africanists hero and other anti-colonialist.

Source :Cameroon

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