Massive bomb explosion in Bamenda NW Cameroon-Reports is getting confirmed reports of about two massive “bomb” explosion Bamenda arround the GMI down town abakwa arround 23:30pm .The detonation was followed by another in Nkwen with a series of gunshots going within the city.

Shortly after midnight local time about two more gun shots were heards arround nkewn .
This publication can’t confirm any casaulties or who is responsible for the attacks in this story which is still developing.

Meanwhile in Mbiame Sub Division, Bui County; Sunday afternoon at about 4.00pm the Chief Medical Officer of the Hospital, native of Njinikom, Dr Ncham Evaristus who was coming back from the funeral of a friend was severely tortured, battered and almost shot by a francophone gendarme.
Dr Ncham was reportedly still with bruises at 5:30 pm in pains at the Brigade in Mbiame undergoing further psychological torture in the presence of the Brigade Commander .

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