Most politicians can’t understand Biya’s hasty return to Cameroon after recent visit to China

President Paul Biya has suprised many political observers by immediately returning to Yaounde after his two-day visit to China. On Monday, March 26, Paul and wife Chantal Biya arrived at the Yaounde nsimalen International Airport was almost unbelievable to many because Cameroonians are used to Mr Biyas prolonged stopping over in Switzerland whenever he travels abroad.

Several political scientists think that this precipitate return of the Head of State, contrary to his habits is because the country is currently facing particularly senatorial elections and the current Anglophone crisis.For some, his return is to over see the ongoing Operation sparrow hawk that has already implicated more than 20 high government officials since the last cabinet reshuffle.How are already in the Kondengui maximum security prison in Yaounde while a good number of them have been barred from travelling out of Cameroon.

While in China President Paul BIYA had a meeting with his counterpart, President Xi Jinping ,of which has learnt it was the first time the two statesmen met.

This one-to-one meeting of about forty-five minutes was the climax of this state visit which was crowned by the signing of five new cooperation agreements between both countries. The Cameroonian Head of State also met the President of the National People’s Assembly, Li Zhanshu, and Prime Minister Li Keqiang, before embarking on an economic marathon that took him from Beijing to Shanghai.

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