Biya to face another embarrassment in Switzerland

Anti Biya activities  are chasing President Paul Biya wherever he goes .

After the demonstrations by Southern Cameroonians in front of  president Biya’s hotel last week in New York while he was taking part in the UN General Assembly, anti-Biya activists are  preparing  a possible stay off the European soil prorest for the 84-year-old Cameroonian leader.

Alafnet has learned that Cameroonian activists in the Diaspora have a very bad surprise for Paul Biya in Geneva this time around.

Biya who was not invited to participate in the reception hosted by US President Donald Trump and who found himself in front of an almost empty room when addressing the General Assembly of Nations on September 22nd,2017 has not lodged at the intercontinental hotel in Geneva where he usually  stays . Cameroonian activists  plan to storm  his villa located at 6, rue du Pradier, near Lake Geneva in Geneva where Biya and wife Chantal have been leaving in the past two days since arriving Swiss.

For more than three decades Biya who has been ruling Cameroon by romote ontrol has used Geneva as his headquarters for personal  reasons.

During a scene in Montreux, Mamane had revealed that “Mr Biya adores Swiss so much that he spends more time in Geneva than in Cameroon”. And even more susprising, he ironically advances that: “When he returns to Etoundi, journalists announce that President Paul Biya is on official visit to Cameroon.”

Last April, Paul Biya  shortened his stay in Geneva following an unprecedented 72 hours ultimatum from members of the Democratic and Patriotic Organizations of the Cameroon Diaspora( CODE ).

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