Biya’s Lies Telling Mission Against the Restoration of S. Cameroons Independence in S.A ended in a fiasco .

Minister Dion Ngute force to Flee !

While other Ambazonians stay outside the Embassy to protest ! Some force their way in to the the embassy where the meeting was schedule to hold.

They told the minister to go back home and free all Southern Cameroonians held in Yaounde detention centers and called for a referendum for the Peaceful separation of La Republique with Southern Cameroons.
An ensuing argument between the minister and Ambazonians generated to a complete take over of the meeting by Southern Cameroonians who were unable comprehend the rationale of locking up Southern Cameroonians in Yaounde Prisons and then jet to South Africa,Belgium, UK,USA to explain.

As a direct consequent they simply brought the lies telling meeting to an abrupt end. Like the Belgian meeting of Laurent Esso, Dion Ngute meeting also ended in a fiasco. The minister who could not withstand the pressure fleet the venue with five hire francophones including La Republique Ambassador.
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By Ashu Kingsley ( Prophet and Statesman ) Manyu County, Federal Republic of Southern Cameroons.

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