Reboot Workshop announces the launching of Ambazonia’s first independent radio & tv network in May 2018

February 11 Washington Declaration

WASHINGTON, DC, 11 February 2018 – Six frontline Ambazonian liberation movements on Sunday in Washington, DC, launched a collaborative platform focused
on winning worldwide support for the recognition of the Republic of Ambazonia,formerly the United Nations British Trusteeship Territory of Southern Cameroons.

The Ambazonia Recognition Collaborative Council (ARCC), as the platform is called,was set up at the end of the three-day Reboot Workshop held (9th – 11th February 2018) at the Catholic University of America.

The aim of ARCC is to galvanize worldwide sympathy, support and recognition for Ambazonia (Africa’s newest nation) and for building a more inclusive, tolerant, credible
and legitimate transitional authority as Ambazonians continue their unstoppable march to Buea, capital of the soon-to-be fully liberated Republic of Ambazonia.

Ahead of the Reboot Workshop, members of the six frontline movements visited Friday with some members of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Congress of the United States of America to draw their attention to the war crimes, atrocity crimes, crimes
against humanity and crimes bordering on genocide perpetrated with impunity across Ambazonia by the annexationist regime of President Paul Biya.

Campaigners called on the international community to demonstrate their commitment
to international law, to the protection of refugees, to political dissidents and political asylum seekers.

ARCC calls on the international community to force Cameroon to return into the protection of the United Nations all Ambazonian leaders abducted last January
in Abuja (Nigeria) and forcibly returned to Cameroon. Failure to reverse this rendition would be the immoral equivalent of returning to Rwanda those Tutsis who fled to safety. It is the criminal equivalent of forcibly returning to Nazi Germany Jews who fled the gas

ARCC denounces, in the strongest terms, the indiscriminate targeting of peace-loving Ambazonians by the occupation forces of Colonial Cameroon (independent on the 1st of January 1960) across Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia (independent on the 1st of
October 1961).


ARCC members paid homage to the resilience of Ambazonians in the
Homeland for remaining remarkably non-violent despite the blind crackdown marked by extrajudicial killings, point blank executions,enforced “disappearances” and a
scorched earth policy that has internally displace hundreds of thousands of Ambazonians and forced over 60,000 to flee into refugee camps in Eastern Nigeria.

ARCC Member Organizations reiterated their appeal for the immediate and unconditional release of all Ambazonian political prisoners, inviting the Republic of
Cameroon to refrain from further provoking our citizens with the organization in 2018 of a series of illegal colonial elections in Ambazonia.

The Reboot Workshop also adopted a legal program in defense of detained Ambazonian prisoners of conscience. ARCC committed to bring more support and relief to Ambazonian refugees trapped in refugee camps in Nigeria.

Through the Cameroon-Nigeria Friendship Network, ARCC commits to partner with the International Organization of Migration (IOM) to accelerate the transit to another country of Ambazonian refugees.

The latter are no longer protected in Nigeria given risks of physical elimination during cross-border genocidal raids by Cameroonian forces.

Member Organizations of ARCC reminded the International Criminal Court (ICC) of their responsibility to document evidence of war and atrocity crimes unfolding in Ambazonia and committed to set up, over the coming weeks, of a Commission of
Inquiry to investigate the abductions and rendition of Ambazonian leaders and activists
and to ensure that perpetrators – a complex ring of criminals – will be brought to book.

To counter the propaganda campaign of shameless lies hatched and disseminated across the globe by Cameroon, the Reboot Workshop agreed to float shares for the setting up of Ambazonia’s first independent radio and television network due to launch in May 2018.
Member Organizations of ARCC also tabled a plan of action – known as the Campaign
for the Recognition of Ambazonia (CARA) – whose objective over the next ten months includes proving to the international community that an overwhelming majority of
Ambazonians are for peaceful separation from the failed “union” with the Republic of

CARA is also aimed at ensuring that every Ambazonian becomes a one0-
person “Campaign Manager” for a series of grassroots campaign events. CARA envisages the possibility of setting up, on behalf of the Sovereign People of Ambazonia, the most credible, legitimate and representative governance structure for Ambazonia.

ARCC called on the international community to convene an inclusive and meaningful dialogue which must include the option shared by a majority of Ambazonians to
peacefully separate from the failed “union” with Cameroon. ARCC called on Ambazonians to boycott all events by he colonialists from Yaounde, including local,legislative, senatorial and presidential elections to be held this year. ARCC decried the United Nations, the African Union and the Commonwealth, the Biya regime and its man sponsor, France, for living in denial. Ambazonians have rejected the status of an annexed people and second-class citizens in Colonial Cameroon and will much rather fight and die, than live as slaves in the land of our birth.
ARCC reminds the international community that the solution to the unprecedented political chaos in Ambazonia can only be political – not military – and, as far as
Ambazonians are concerned, must not fall short of independence for Ambazonia.

Barrister Syh Ambe
Chairperson, Reboot Workshop Organizing Committee

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