Cameroon:Vigilante committee member killed by a bullet from his own weapon in the Far North can not independently confirm  the mystery behind the  death of this vigilante committee member but local reports says,the incident occurred on Thursday, December 14, around 6am in Assigachia, in the Kolofata district  of the far-north region of Cameroon.

Mahama Abba aka Tella was shot in the stomach by bullets from his own weapon.The forty-year-old owned a homemade weapon because he was working with the vigilance committee group fighting against the boko haram islamic group inthe locality.

According to the information received by this publication yesterday morning, he was trying to remove the rifle from his shoulder , when the shoulder strap pulled the trigger of his weapon unleashing a bullet which drove through the abdomen of the vigilante.He died immediately on the stop .

Sources say this incident was the first of this kind, or at least the first one ever heard in the area since the incursions of Boko Haram began.

By Edmond Tambe

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