Revealed:Disgraced Cameroon Anglophone Consrtium leader had 2 secret meetings with Y’de

The Disgraced president of the Cameroon Anglophone Consrtium , Agbor Balla has held two secret meetings with top regime barons in Yaounde recently.

 has been reliable informed that Agbor Nkongho felix Balla on Friday Nov.10th 2017 was first spotted with forbe magazine’s richest man in francophone Africa Alhadji Ahmadou Danpullo before immediately proceeded to a meeting with government spokesman, Issa Chiroma ,accompanied by Minister  Victor Arrey Mengot.Details of the discussion between sacked anglophone Consortium leader and the owner Ndawara business empire are still very unclear to this publication,but it will be no supprise if Balla who  on his facebook some 48 hours ago posted a fine audio of the the talk he had in Chatham House Library in london ,was in Yaounde to brief Etoudi on his CPDM sponsored diplomatic offensive to London and take home new strategies and tactics. It is vital to note  report that the CPDM Elite Victor Mengot  has been particularly bitter about the sacking of Agbor Balla as consortium president .

After listening to the audio and his conbined actions,it suffice to conclude that the author of the post on Dr Balla’s facebook page has been/is living a double live in this Southern Cameroons struggle.

As hinted by the same source Balla stopped at Kodengui prison late friday to greet some old cell mates .This information has again been confirmed by the Barrister himself yesterday in another post on his Facebook wall.

Last week,Agbor Balla who has times without numbers told pals that all anglophone lawyers who have fled Cameroon since the current crisis began should return home, opened up to the world about his warped mind in this struggle that has seen more than 50,000 civilians currently seeking refuge in Nigeria and some 100,000 internally displaced and  Hundreds  still in jails across the country  living deplorable conditions .

In one of the most revealing and self-destructing recording audios ever released which has attached below,Agbor Balla who had told the world in an interview with Equinox television that his bank accounts are still been blocked and ID cards ceased by the authorities finally revealed what he sees as a game to fulfil his personal ambitions.

During the same interview by Equinox Balla said he visted Manyu on bike/motorcycle but it has now emerged that he was seen in his Bakwelle village  and even at the Southern Cameroons interim leader Ayuk Tabe’s house in the Manyu Division on a black 4×4 jeep.

In describing the dream of millions of Southern Cameroonians who protested world wide for his release as ‘living in a fairy-tale world’. With an aura of invincibility, the man who hijacked his way to be seen as a leading lawyer during events leading to lawyer grievances, boosted about his elfin postings with the United Nations to shady and wretched countries which belong at the bottom of any reputable diplomat’s wish list.

Below is the of Barrister Agbor Balla during his latest  trip to london AUDIO

“No matter the hatred that people have for me today, I will be president of Ambaland.

I’ll not insult you that you are living in your fairy-tale world if you want secession.

‘If we have a Southern Cameroon State today, I’ll be the president. I am realistic so I want federalism so we can work towards secession.

I’ll beat Sessekou Ayuk in an election. I have an interest for us to have an Ambaland because I know I will be elected as the president.

I worked in Afghanistan and went to Congo and came back. What can someone tell me?

1999 I wrote a thesis on self-determination about southern Cameroon right to self-determination.

In 2002 I was with Albert MUKONG in the EU commission.

17 years ago, where was Tassang? 17 years ago, where was Sessekou?

What have you guys done by protesting outside embassies. I hear you guys are saying that I was released because of your protests?

In 2001 I protested with Cho Ayaba. To march in Europe is easy. I have done this already.

I have a pedigree that none of them have and they know that. That is why SCAFUF is scared of me. If I am invited to their conference to speak, none of them would be able to speak. I’ll ask them individually what they have done for the struggle. What all them are doing can’t match what I can do alone.”

By Lalah Emmanuel

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