Rights group confirms Cameroon killed atleast 100 civilians  inthe two English-speaking  regions

Human Rights Defenders in Central Africa ( REDHAC ) reports that at least one hundred (100) unarmed civilians have been  murdered  by Yaounde in the two English  speaking regions of Cameroon .

The killings which began last Sunday 1 October 2017 is still on going with local reports indicating thousands of residence have fled to the bushes in this part of the country as abduction,raping have been heavily reported. (Watch attach video from kumbo).

Alafnet.com is aware of cases of the military disappearing the corpses of those killed also been reported .
For the second time within a year the Biya regime has cut internet throughout the the region. .

The armless former British territory (two English regions) were celebrating their independence day peacefully with green plants to the dislike of french Cameroon. 

Below is the press release released yesterday October 3, 2017 by REDHAC 
By Moh Mbawn

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