Russia could be holding ‘A’ key to Southern Cameroons Restoration-A. Chris tells Governing council



It is a pleasure for me to officially make this proposal which seems to have fallen on deaf ears through my various audio messages. While I believe you have enough on your table with the people’s eagerness to get a break through from your team, I have a proposal which I strongly believe will add momentum to this struggle and put some pressure on those who have been ignoring our street protests.


This concerns a crucial but neglected member of the UN Security Council, and that is Russia. We have been on the streets of Europe and America for months, begging the traditional allies who happen to be our economic exploiters. We cannot pretend that these people have not got our message, yet we still continue to demonstrate in front of their embassies and parliaments. I believe we have to coerce them in one way or another.


There are five members of the Security Council split into two blocks – the western alliance of Britain, USA and France, on the one hand and Russia and China on the other. If there is one thing which we have seen over the last few years and just recent with the election of Mr. Trump is the fact that, Russia is the country that has used its veto power to promote its interest. Assad of Syria, is still in power today because of Russia. This has been possible because of the re-assertion of Russia by President Vladimir Putin, on the world stage, and the fact that East West Relations are at an all-time low.

Let us step back a moment and look at the Petro-politics in the Gulf of Guinea; Britain is in Nigeria, France in Cameroon and the USA in Equatorial Guinea. Putin will like to have a strategic ally in this vital region, to challenge her imperialist Western foes. Ambaland can provide him that opportunity. We have the potentials that Russian oil oligarchs would like. Let us remember even if we have a breakthrough with any country, we will still meet Russia at the Security Council of the UN, and she can obstruct anything. On the contrary, Russia remains the only Security Council member who can support us and defend it anywhere.
My suggestions are that instead of us begging the usual allies in the streets of Europe and America, we can focus our demonstrations in front of Russian Embassies in these European countries, calling/begging on the Russians to help us. After every demonstration, we deliver a well-written letter (like the one delivered to the French National Assembly on July 17, 2017), to the Russian Ambassador. This letter will enumerate what we are asking with a brief history about British Southern Cameroons. We can then through the diplomatic offensive try to get a face-to-face meeting with the Russian foreign minister or UN Russian representative etc.

These open demonstrations according to me will achieve two things:
1. It will bolster President Putin, because he will see that there is a country or a people somewhere who love and need his help, despite western animosity towards the Kremlin.
2. It will force the West to think about their policy of ignoring us, because they will now realize that Russia might solve the problem her own way. We all know what Mr. Vladimir Putin can do. I believe we just have to convince Mr. Putin with the facts and what Russia stands to gain.
Brothers and sisters, while I know you might have a lot on your plate, I strongly believe this can be an opening and our law firm can be of help, but we will need to show (Putin and) the world with these demonstrations that we asked President Putin to do what he is doing, in case he accepts our request. We can make this August the month to achieve these demonstrations in Washington and Europe. We all know how Russia got back Crimea.

While hoping for a note of acceptance, I wish you all in the leadership team abundant blessings as we forge ahead to complete freedom from our oppressors.

By A. Chris

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