S. Cameroons Struggle: Panicking Yaounde Bans Opposition SDF’s Oct 21 Demonstration

The panicking Divisional Officer for Douala 1, Littoral Region has banned the public demonstration that was planned by the leading opposition party, the Social Democratic Front , SDF, for Saturday October 21 2017, in the economic capital.

Government ban P 1

The DO who had earlier issued an authorization ,backtracked from his initial position. In a statement issued on October 19, the administrator Jean Marie Noundie, attributed his volt-faced decision to the fact that other political parties and activists and those he termed secessionists had planned to be part of the demonstration. The Cameroon People Party, CPP and many other activists had indicated their willingness to be part of the demonstration.

He said there were intentions from some to engage in provocative acts that had nothing to do with the demonstration intended to show solidarity to the people of Southern Cameroons and denounce what the SDF had described as the ongoing massacre.

Government ban P 2

The D.O added that there were threats to public peace in case the demonstration is allowed and declared it summarily banned. The statement which is issued only in French also warned with draconian legal actions against anyone who dares disobeys the administrative order.

Attempts at getting to Hon Jean Michel Ninctcheu, the orgainser of the demonstration at the time of filing in this report were abortive.
Hon Ninctcheu is MP for Wouri East constituency. A ban of a similar protest by the vocal MP on February 23 2008 led to the violent protests that year.
Source:Solomon Amabo blog

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