Minister Tchiroma bans Southern Cameroons TV channel

The English-language channel is now banned in Cameroon .



Issa Tchiroma Barkary has called on cable companies to stop broadcasting the SCBC TV  .According to the government spokesman they risk legal action and their equipment confiscated.

Issa Tchiroma Bakary was speaking on Monday, August 28, 2017, during a press conference .He claims the cable channel which is increasinly been watched in French regions of Cameroon  is committing crimes against the state.



The Minister of Communication (MINCOM) formally informed  them to stop broadcasting the programs of the Southern Cameroons broadcasting corporation (SCBC TV) television channel , calling it a propaganda organ for those who want to break Cameroon in two halves.

In a statement later read on system owned  radio CRTV, he warns violators of this announcement , that their equipments will be  seized .

Few months ago, supporters of Southern Cameroons Ambazonia created this television to defend their course and inform the world of events happening in Fomer British Cameroons  .


They have a flag, a motto, a national anthem, a passport, a national football team, a national ID card, a self defense unite and a Governing council lead by an elected leader. And this is hurting the authorities of Yaounde a lot.

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