The body of a Cameroonian soldier found after 3 days in Mundemba

The remains of a Cameroonian military personnel who disappeared under the Dibunda bridge in Ndian division of the southwest region has been recovered.

The body of Nyamsi Djamen, a sailor in the Cameroonian navy was found Saturday, late afternoon, three days after his disappearance during a swim. source has confirmed his remains are presently at the morgue of Mundemba Hospital, Southwest Region.

Accompanied by two of his colleagues soldiers, private Nyamsi Djamen left his guard post on Thursday to take a bath under the bridge in Dibunda in a small village of the same name, six kilometers from Mundemba the administrative capital of the division. Unfortunately he did not come out alive .

One of his companions reports that Nyamsi Djamen was dragged to the bottom of the river by a “force” he could not describe.

A few local pupolation and their traditional leaders helped the elements of the Mundemba naval battalion during their research.

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