Traditional ruler in French Cameroon demands subjects finance DO’s  meeting the people’s tour

In what has been described as the first if its kind in Cameroon , a traditional ruler in the center region is demanding his subjects finance the  meeting the people’s tour of the administrative authority charged of  his locality ,These visits, are clearly budgeted for by the ministry of territorial administration and decentralisat ion.

The chief of Nkolso’o of the Yaoundé 7 district has demanded his subjects to  financially support the visit of the Sub-prefect of the district of Yaoundé 7. This information is contained in the communiqué issued by the traditional himself  on December 10, 2017.

The communiqué also specifies the names of persons delegated to  collect these funds. The populations are also invited to participate actively in this meeting with the administrative authority.

 below the release of the chief of Nkolso’o 

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