2 prisoners die every day in Cameroon-Report

Two prisoners die every day in prisons in Cameroon. The news was made public after a meeting of the UN Committee Against Torture on the human rights situation in the country.

According to the Committee’s experts, this situation should encourage the Cameroonian authorities to question it’s practice of torture and ill-treatment of detainees.

The body further questions whether autopsies are performed on the remains of the victims to identify the exact causes of their deaths.

The questioned why lawyers are not routinely allowed to participate in detainee hearings through out the Republic of Cameroon was also highly criticised by the UN Body. The Committee returned to procedural fairness by questioning the independence of the police force, which is charged with investigating the flaws, and the interference of the executive branch in the police.

The number of allegations of torture and ill-treatment received by the Committee appears very high, particularly in the two English speaking regions of the country following the recently crack on the Anglophone population and also in the fight against the Boko Haram in the far north region .

UN experts called on Cameroon’s permanent representative to the UN, Anatole Fabien Marie Nkou, to comment on reports of torture in two English speaking regions, which had been revealed in the Amnesty’s annual report on human rights in the country. In Geneva, the entire Cameroonian prison system was called into question: arbitrary arrests, violence against detainees, overcrowding (20,000 prisoners for 17,000 places in prisons in 2015), insalubrity in prisons,abuse of those in detention. The Committee’s experts note that small penalties are often imposed on those responsible for torture.

Despite the UN experts recent concerns about human rights abuses in prisons ,a leaked to sister publication Baretanews today from inmates of the Principal Prison in Yaounde capital of the Republic of which alafnet.com has attached a copy below talks of Grave human rights violation of Southern Cameroonians . Read on

1of 2 Grave human rights violation of Southern Cameroonians in Yaounde principal prison -source Baretanews
2 of 2 Grave human rights violation of Southern Cameroonians in Yaounde principal prison -source Baretanews

Ground reports in the two English speaking region still talk of massive arrest by regime forces .In Bamenda for instance,Over 80 women were confirmed picked up randomly on the evening of 25th of Nov.2017 most of them in front of Bamenda ground stand commercial avenue as they walk home from shopping. Family members say they can’t reach them on phone or know their destination.
By Anja Terence

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