UN rejects SDF’s offer of federalism in Cameroun

John Fru Ndi Form of the State is not the responsibility of the United Nations .

John Fru Ndi

During his meeting last week with the First Vice-President of the largest opposition party of the country Hon. Joshua Osih, the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General and Head of the UN Regional Office for Central Africa- François Lounceny Fall,  made it clear that the form of the State does not depend on the international organization but on the Cameroonians themselves.

The UN representative statement during his visit to Cameroon  give a clue on which part the current anglophone movement should embark on.

Some observers think his statement it is an advantage for Paul Biya who has, on several occasions, reaffirmed that the current “unitary” form of Cameroon is not negotiable. “The United Nations does not intend to enter into discussions on the form of States. The UN does not interfere in the internal affairs of States … The form of the State is not the responsibility of the United Nations, it is the responsibility of the Cameroonians, but we want Cameroonians to return to the dialogue to choose the form of state that suits them “. Francois Lounceny Fall was speaking to the press on April 13, 2017, at the end of his mission to Cameroon, to take stock of the crisis that has been going on since November 2016 in the two English-speaking regions of Cameroon.

The Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General in Central Africa acknowledged that he had met with the Vice-President of the SDF – the Social Democratic Front, the Honorable Joshua Oshi, among other leaders involved in this anglophone crisis.

Questioned by a journalist on the position  of the party of Chairman NI John Fru Ndi in favor of a  return to federalism in Cameroon and the existence of procedures within the United Nations for restoration or the return to the federal form of state, the head of UNOCA – the United Nations Office for Central Africa gave a diplomatic answer, although he has maintained his position on the issue of the return to federalism advocated by the Sdf.He concluded with his interview with the Honorable Joshua Oshi. A response that confirms the position of Yaounde regime,which has insisted the demands of English-speaking teachers , lawyers and the civil society on “the form Of the State of Cameroon as not negotiable “.


During his many interviews on the Anglophone crisis, Francois Lounceny Fall said he has  also met with the public authorities, including the Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic, the Minister of State in charge of Justice, Recent proposals, in particular concerning the translation of the Ohada Treaty into English and the announced reforms of the judicial system, the Minister for External Relations and the Delegate General for National Security, but also the leaders of civil society and the opposition , Members of the diplomatic corps and the UN country team, not to mention some persons arrested and detained in connection with the crisis-related protests in the south-western and north-western regions, in particular Felix Nkongho Agbor Balla, and the coffin revolutionary leader Mancho Bibix, including their lawyers but his expected meeting with Ayah Paul was blocked by the regime.

“My exchanges with the various interlocutors allowed me to note with satisfaction the determination of all to address this issue in a frank and peaceful manner.He urged the authorities to restore the Internet connection in the two regions concerned, which he said was part of their right to information.He also  called for the immediate release of those arrested following  demonstrations In both regions of the country.

For the representative of the SG, hoped the immediate implementation of the measures issued by the Head of State and recently presented by the Minister of Justice, will allow the return to normal in the Southwest and the North West. “Nevertheless, the lawyers he met told him that if they obtained the release of those arrested, the situation would immediately return to normal,” said Lounceny Fall. In other words, he announced  in front of the presidents Cameroon Bar that English speaking lawyers will not return to court on the 2nd of May 2017 , against a background of their divergences .


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