UNHCR Gives Biya Regime 48hrs to Submit Reasonable Responses to Rights Violations.

Today, Thursday, November 9 2017, saw Paul Biya’s spin doctors suffer a most humiliating spinning performance in Geneva.

La Republique du Cameroun has been standing trial since yesterday for human rights violations against Southern Cameroonians since the start of the crisis in Ambazonia. Today was Yaoundé’s turn to present submissions before the UN human rights panel of judges as it were. Since yesterday, presentations from representatives of the Southern Cameroons Ambazonia Interim Government, and Amnesty International did their submissions.

In presenting their reports, Yaoundé’s baby spin doctors claimed that their troops acted in self defence on September 22 and on Oct 1st 2017 against gun carrying Ambazonians.

Reacting to Amnesty International’s submissions, Tchiroma’s apprentice sorcerers in the spinning trade ranted that the most respected international rights NGO was making big bucks out of the misery of a defenseless people. This stupid cavalier attitude greatly annoyed the UN rights panel. Unable to hide their annoyance, the team virtually showed Tchiroma’s apprentices the door. Yaoundé is expected to comport herself better within 48hours as it is expected of them to show more decency and maturity during their second chance.

The big question is; what will Yaoundé suddenly find to say within 48hours that they have not been able to since September 22? More Bakassi oil wells to tempt who? Geneva and the world may just be in for another shocker. Stay tuned.

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