UN Scandal:Inner City Press uncovers Biya’s agent at the UN

Following the anglophone crises and the protest that turned deadly on September 22, 2017, and October 1, 2017. One would expect the UN to issue a strong statement on the issue and even send a one of its agency to investigate the issue but this has not been the case instead the UN has issue weak statements calling for dialogue and at some point even praising the Biya regime living it former trust territory of southern Cameroon to wonder if the UN really cares about it.

Khassim Diagne

ICP asks UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres about the killings in Southern Cameroon he claims he didn’t hear but ICP uncover that UN SG is already “prejudice” toward Paul Biya’s government because it took refugees, and have been advised by the person Guterres brought in to head his executive office:Khassim Diagne. Mr. Diagne, as it happens, was UNHCR’s boss in Cameroon, often praising the government there. Inner City Press also uncover that even as Guterres’ Executive Office under Diagne has received gruesome videos from Southern Cameroon, Diagne and an undisclosed aide Matthew Willis have provided false assurances that everything in Cameroon is OK.

Also, Mr. Khassim Diagne former UNHCR boss in Cameroon has continued to praise the Biya’s government even after the killings in southern Cameroon

Shreds of evidence are pointing toward the fact Mr. Khassim Diagne adviser to the UN Secretary-General has been blocking the SG from knowing the true situation in southern Cameroon and has been telling him everything is fine in southern Cameroon and that Biya’s government is on the dialogue table with southern Cameroonians Therefore there is no need to send a UN representative or investigation team on the ground.source


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