US city Council finally Declares Southern Cameroons Independence

Lowell city council in Massachusetts, USA has today confirmed the rumour which has been going on for months now that it will be hosting the Ambazonia flag in recognition of the Independence of Southern Cameroons. Source  hinted a few munites ago that there was euphoria amongst all present in the hall when the honourable  Mayor of lowell city council Edward J. Kennedy made the official pronouncements in the presence of the Southern Cameroons Ambazonia Consortium interim leader H.E Ayuk Tabe Julius who is on his last stop on his Europe /US meet the people’s tour.


Lowell which was the first council to have deliberated, delivered and adopted resolutions in an open session on the Southern Cameroons’ Crisis will host the Ambazonian  flag on the 7th of October the elected member of the democrate party said.

After  the deleberations at the council ,  the delegation of Southern Cameroonians headed by their leader Sisiku Ayuk Tabe left for the  Lowell city radio where the Ambazonian leader will be addressing his   countrymen live which will be giving you an insight shortly.

By Edmond Tambe

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