Video: Ambazonia war forced Biya to reinforce his personal security 

The security apparatus around the Head of State of the Republic of  Cameroon has been reinforced.

President Paul Biya


A look at the recent security around President Paul Biya reveals  it has undergone some modifications because of the current situation in Cameroon.


For instance,Yesterday at Ahmadou Ahidjo stadium in Yaounde during the final of the Cameroon Cup,an impressive security device was set up around the Head of State .

This reporter  notes that istead of the six(6) bodyguards who usually accompany Paul Biya during his public outings, there were a total of ten (10) soldiers apart from the president’s bodyguards yesterday at the Omnisport Stadium in Yaounde.In addition to this was a large number of heavily armed soldiers around the stadium.

This security reinforcment has been interpreted by some observers as a show of the force of the Cameroonian army in the current context marked by numerous attacks by those who claim to be fighting to restore the state of Southern Cameroons in the English-speaking regions of the country.

Since the beginning of November this year, more than a dozen Cameroonian soldiers and policemen have been killed by the restoration forces in the two English-speaking regions.

On sept 22 and Oct 1 respectively peaceful protesters in the Northwest and South West regions where shot with live bullets ,according  to an UNHRC report.

Thousand were also arrested and  many who fled to the forest and neigbouring Nigeria have now radicalized and are now fighting back the Cameroon military .


After he labeled Anglophones as terrorists in his speach of 31st Dec 2016 ,Paul Biya declared  war against the English speaking Cameroonians on Dec 1st this year. recalls that Yaounde a few years ago negotiated with the Boko Haram terrorist group for the release of  some foreigners and even minister Amado Ali’s wife but has refused to dialour or even discuss the current anglophone crisis inside in national assembly.

Watch below Biya’s enter in to Yaounde Stadium yesterday.

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