War on Ambazonia: George Weah advices Biya

African football lengend George  Weah who was sworn on January 22nd as Liberian president has adviced the president of the republic of Cameroon on the war declared on English-speaking population of the country.

George Weah ,president of Liberia

George Weah  succeeded Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the first woman head of state in Africa.

Marked by  14 years of civil war that ravaged his country, the new Liberian president now wears the tunic as the champion of peace.

Commenting on the socio-political crisis in the  South-West and North-West regions of Cameroon, George Weah who considers Cameroon as his second homeland, encourages the president Paul Biya and the activists of this anglophone crisis, to take the path of dialogue to end the crisis.


“Cameroon is a special country for me, I can’t  hid from that . When I see Cameroonians, I am always happy, sometimes in the street people say  I am a Cameroonian … I wish peace in Cameroon, it is a beautiful country. Whatever the situation, we must do everything to maintain peace in Cameroon,  dialogue is really necessary , “said the former striker Tonnerre kalara club Yaounde in an interview with Cameroon television after his swearing January 22, 2018.


The Anglophone crisis in Cameroon has lasted 15 months that has lead to more than 43000 refugees fleeing army crackdown in a war declared by president biya on the  English-speaking regions.

Kembong and KWAKWA are just two some of the village’s in the southwest region that have been completely deserted as regime forces resulted to burning of the houses in those regions.

Hundreds of civilians have so far been killed the military, according to reports.

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