Y’de High Court Suspends Elected Miss Cameroon 2018

The Mfoundi High Court on January 24, 2018 issued suspending Miss Cameroon 2018 from performing all activities attached to her function until a court judgment establishes her legality.

The court decision by the Mfoundi High Court suspending Miss Nseke Aimée Caroline elected Miss Cameroon 2018 has sparked controversial debates and added flames to much talked-about National Anthem palaver on the social media.

The decision also specifies that a case has been filed-in requesting the cancellation of the elections which were purportedly marred by several cases of fraud and unethical approaches.

The first hearings on the case have been scheduled at the Mfoundi High Court on the 8th February 2018 at 7:30am.

The court sources say seeks to clarify the legitimacy and eligibility of all the candidates who took part in the contest of the 2018 edition of the Miss Cameroon beauty contest.

It should be recalled that Nseke Aimée Caroline was elected Miss Cameroon 2018 alongside five runner ups during a ceremony that took place in the nation’s capital Yaounde.

The fun-filled ceremony of December 30, 2017 was graced by the presence of Cameroon’s First Lady Madame Chantal Biya at the Yaounde Conference Centre.

-The Eye Newspaper

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